A legal document will to safeguard that spells out your wishes regarding the care of your children, as well as the distribution your assets to your loved ones.


Yes, I am Testate with Will.

Why do I need a Legal Will?

1. Right to choose your beneficiaries and to determine the manner of the distribution of your assets.
A will allows you to have control over the distribution of your assets. You are free to choose the beneficiaries who will benefit from your estate and determine their respective shares in your assets.

No, I am Intestate without Will.

What happens if I die without a Will?

If you do not have a will at the time of your death, you are said to have died intestate. Your estate will be distributed according to a designated formula in the Distribution Act 1958 unless you are a Muslim in West Malaysia and Sarawak or is a native of Sarawak. If you are domiciled in the state of Sabah, then the Intestate Succession Ordinance 1960 will apply.

1. The manner of distribution of assets will be dictated by the Distribution Act 1958.

In the absence of a will, you have no say in what happens to your assets. Upon your demise, the estate will be distributed amongst your immediate family members – parents, spouse, and issues (children), allowing them to receive a percentage of your assets. However, this distribution may not be reflective of your wishes. If you do not have an immediate family member, your assets will be distributed between your siblings and their children, your grandparents, or your uncles, aunts, and their children.

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Life Times Custody Service

A probate court usually requires access to your original will before it can process your estate. It's crucial, then, to keep the document where it is safe and yet accessible. Avoid storing it in a bank safety deposit box or in any other location where your family may need a court order to gain access. A waterproof and fireproof safe in your house is a good alternative.

Then let at least your executor know where the original will is stored, along with needed information such as the password for the safe. Besides, it's wise to duplicate signed copies to the executor and your attorney if you have one. The signed copies can be used to establish your intentions in case the original is destroyed or lost. However, the absence of an original will can complicate matters, and without it, there's no guarantee that your estate will be settled as you'd hoped. So store the document with care.

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Family&Business Trust

How is trust nurtured in a family business? That identify five components of trust:

* Integrity – having a reputation for honesty and truthfulness

* Competence – possessing technical knowledge and interpersonal skill required to get the job done

* Consistency – acting with reliability, predictability, good judgement

* Loyalty -willingness to protect, support, encourage

* Openness– freely sharing ideas and information, freely allowing others access to one’s thoughts.

A family business leader who rejects accountability, refuses to share information, and defines loyalty as obedience by others, is unlikely to create a legacy to future generations. The fundamental advantage of trust will have been destroyed–and with it, the basis for successful business and family relations.

Trust becomes the new basis of the family business. A new generation with reinvigorated values and relationships can then build even greater successes on the foundations provided by the generations that went before.


A Love Letter & Terms of Endearment

Life is not measured by length,
but by the moment you leave the field,
What is the continuation of our loved?

Even if it's just a plain paper with
a palm of your hand drawn,
The warmth that can make your loved one feel…

And even just a classic line: "I Love You 3000"
Term of Endearment is the soul in the script of life. Soul Avengers End game vows.

Last Will & Testament, leave a romantic message to your loved once.